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KIBI Specifications


KIBI Specifications are the set of specifications published by kibigo! to document various tools she has developed for the web.

1. About KIBI Specifications

The following specifications are published by kibigo! to aid in the comprehension and development of various technologies she has created. They are provided, without any warranty or guarantee of correctness, under a 馃叚馃叝馃剮聽Creative Commons Attribution鈥怱hare路Alike 4路0 International Licence. Issues can be filed on GitHub

2. Kixt

2.1 Introduction

Although Unicode generally provides an extensive and well鈥恠upported means of storing, classifying, rendering, and transforming text, its status as a universal character set means that minority and experimental scripts may not have a proper representation at a given time. Kixt (KIBI text) aims to provide a limited means for documenting character sets and properties in a simple and clearly鈥恉efined manner.

2.2 Specifications

Kixt Charsets

Defines the Kixt Charset Model and the file format for Kixt Charset Definitions.

Kixt Transmissions

Defines the Kixt Transmission Format for storing and communicating Kixt texts.

Kixt Formatting and Controls

Defines the Kixt controls, for use communicating with Kixt programs.

Kixt X路M路L

Defines the Kixt X路M路L document format for using Kixt charsets with X路M路L.

3. Changelog

Re路arranged layout; document is no longer Kixt鈥恠pecific..

Added link to Kixt Formatting and Controls.

Initial specification.